iQS is a registered and established Quantity Surveying company with an office in Bellville. iQS is headed by Woela van Niekerk and Ben van Rooyen and offers professional expertise and years of collective industry experience.
We offer the following:

  • Financial and legal advice on any aspect in the building industry and property market;
  • All aspects regarding the calling of tenders for building projects;
  • Administration and handling of projects during construction;
  • The final settlement of your account with your contractor;
  • Expert advice to ensure that your investment yields the best return.


In striving towards our vision and living out mutually agreed values, iQS is committed to contributing to building a non-racial, non-sexist South Africa. We aim to do this through human resource development which includes training all our employees to enable them to acquire appropriate knowledge and skills. These skills in turn will maximise their competence, performance and commitment to meeting the business needs of our company.

Our company recognises that it is necessary to embark on a process of transformation. Affirmative Action measures will focus on harnessing the strengths of diversity and thereby create capacity required to meet strategic business objectives through a diverse workforce at all levels, whilst empowering individuals.


Keeping up with modern technological developments, iQS is thoroughly equipped with an advanced and extended computer network. In order to keep up with the rapidly developing building industry and investment markets, personnel regularly attend courses and seminars where information about new technology is shared. The company's computerised work methods are constantly upgraded, extended and redeveloped which enables us to render service to our clients speedily and in a cost effective manner.


  • To maintain an irreproachable level of client satisfaction. This is attained on account of our professional team acting within a set framework which is aimed to ensure maximum cost efficiency commencing from the instruction by the client right up to the successful completion of the project.
  • To honour all ethical codes prescribed by our profession as well as general business practice.
  • Personal involvement and service. In this respect the Quantity Surveyor deems himself to be part of the client's property section as well as part of the total professional team so as to generate enthusiasm and pro-active action.
  • To ensure that no party is enriched at the expense of another.
  • To strive for maximum return on investment for the client.
  • To maintain the highest standard of confidence.
  • To see the quantity surveying input in the perspective of the complete development and to provide for either positive or negative influence which may arise due to the involvement of various parties.
  • To strive for a complete understanding of the client's needs and to follow an original approach which is at all times aimed at effective service.
  • To regard the interest of the client as top priority at all times.